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My Go-To Nail Polish

Nail Polish: OPI's Mod About You Gel Color || Keychain Pouch: Daisy Rose Luxury Zip Checkered Key Chain Pouch in Cream


Happy Hump-Day!

Today's been a rainy, dreary Wednesday on the Coast, and there's no end of this weather in sight. So I decided to treat myself and go get my nails done! Sometimes you just gotta splurge. Amirite, girl?

I got a full set with gel polish, and I absolutely love the way it turned out! Honestly, I never get my nails done. I'm either too lazy or just trying to save up some money LOL! And when I do actually get them done, I try not to get a full set since it tends to be damaging to my nails afterwards (I have a bad habit of trying to peel them off when they start getting old.)

I just wanted to pop on real quick and share my number one nail polish! The color I'm wearing is Mod About You by OPI. Like I said, this is the gel polish, and it appears slightly different from the regular polish in this shade. Either way, it's my GO-TO color for the perfect light pink/nude/white-ish mani. I have a really hard time straying away from this shade. I like to play it safe when it comes to a $50 manicure.

Also-- how cute is this little keychain pouch? When I saw it on the LiketoKnowit app a few months ago, I just knew I had to have it. The Louis resemblance is what got me.

And the best part?? This little baby was UNDER $20!!! Yep. I'm for real. 

I'm obsessed with it! It fits all my cards and cash perfectly, and I just clipped my key fob onto the gold clip for an all-in-one deal. It's perfect for those days when you don't feel like carrying a purse around.


Thanks for reading, Dolls! Now go get your nails done or something.



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